– Barbour boots are guaranteed for a year and if looked after well should outlast that.

– The patches which anchor the buckle straps to the boots are made from a specially durable fabric which has latex coated onto it, these are then cut and applied to the boot; this fabric renders the buckle straps able to resist wear and tear at this point.

– The outsole Barbour are using is known as a calendared sole, which is formed from a flat piece of latex rich material, the shape/size is punched out of. This type of sole allows the boot to be very flexibly, durable and supple and is extremely comfortable to wear.



  • Gerry Dent

    I am looking for the leather slide you use when shooting a side by side and you extend your left hand down the barrels…the slide ensures you dont touch the barrels when hot etc… do you handle this excessory…? 12 ga.
    Also the barbour boots 9 1/2 size whaty is the price.
    thank you…