This is an affordable, portable 50-clay capacity trap and is also the perfect way to start your children and friends off shooting.

The trap is easy to put together and use.

It has an ?On-Off-Safe? release switch, which provides a safe method for un-cocking the arm as well as an ?Arm Safety Ring?, which provides an easy visual indication of the path of the clay once it is released from the throwing arm.

The trap also has a 30-amp circuit breaker that protects the electrical wires and motor.

As far as transporting the trap around, it is extremely light for its size, approximately 45 lbs.

The speed and height of the clay can be adjusted easily by tightening and untightening the necessary bolts.

In total, the trap has an adjustable throwing range from 55 to 65 yards with a one second recycle time.

Either 50mm standard 108mm or International 110mm clay targets can be stored in the detachable magazine.

You will have to find a 12-volt battery to run the trap off, but this is all that is needed.

The only thing that I would add would be a longer release cord ? longer than the 50ft cord already supplied.

In conclusion, this is a very affordable, reliable and effective clay trap, and I would recommend it to anyone thinking of getting their first electric clay trap.




  • Amarjit

    Ahhh, some people that seem to like light handling guns. Guys, I have to say I’ve never could get my head wrapped around of the idea of a 30 or 32 inch skeet gun… I just could never get used to the idea of swinging a bridge beam to compensate for poor form. Now I can see it swinging at a 50 yard crosser in clays but skeet? And how about those windy days when they are bobbing around like woodcock out there?