It has to be said there are a number on the market that are very dated, some are even incorrect in the process demonstrated. But there is now a newly produced DVD by David Stretton that I am very pleased to recommend.

David is well known in the deer world and a very experienced deer manager. Some of you will have seen him on the BASC stand at the Midland Game Fair where he demonstrates the process in his very own individual, no nonsense style.

He uses a deer stuffed puppet model complete with all the necessary interior equipment, and it works a treat.

The new DVD is both clear and precise. He even demonstrates the process both in the field and in the larder. All the basic equipment is shown being used professionally and I must say it is obvious David has been preparing deer for the food chain for some years.

If you are interested in how to do it (and if you are a deer stalker you should be!) then I suggest you get one.

He also produces an excellent DVD on deer butchery. Running time for this video is 65 minutes.


£20 + £3 p&p

Contact: 01332 810 757


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