In this clay pigeon shooting video, Sporting Gun magazine’s shooting instructor, Mark Russell, talks through a basic method of shooting a driven target – a common presentation at English Sporting.

  • Scott

    Just watched Peter Wilson, Richard Faulds shoot double trap, and Mark Russell demonstrate technique on driven targets…and still amazed that our UK brothers in arms DO NOT wear protective shooting glasses. Your UK gun and ammunition ownership is so over regulated, and yet you break a steadfast rule for shooting on a club course here in America…Must Have Eyewear. It is for the safety of the shooters, and an insurance mandate.

    Would anyone care to explain this ommission?
    Scott in Napa, California USA (what is left of it!)

  • Barry Stewart

    As a recentstarter to shooting shotguns,i find the short videos very informative.Thaks.

  • ghorbani

    plees Videos & Games shooting

  • Sarah Warrick

    Very imformative