Unbelievably I missed them all ? and other shooters struggled too. What did I do wrong?

Clay shooting


It would help of course if I could?ve seen you shoot this stand but I?m prepared to put a £20 bet on you having missed these rabbits in front.

You and the others who struggled to hit the target simply failed to slow the swing of the gun sufficiently.

In this situation you should ?shoot at? the clay and forget all about giving it even a few inches forward allowance.

Daft as it might sound I once heard an exasperated shooting coach tell his pupil (repeatedly missing a slow rabbit in front) to deliberately shoot behind the clay.

His advice worked, but, bearing in mind the inconsistencies of swing, it?s not the sort of instruction I would want to give in the same circumstances.

Shooting ?at? a clay requires a great deal of self control because it goes against the tenet that all moving targets require forward allowance of some description to break them.

On this one though, the momentum of actually bringing the gun to the shoulder is enough to deliver the tiny amount of ?lead? that?s needed here.

Still can?t stop yourself swinging on this one?

Then try closing your non-master eye and aim the gun like a rifle: it?s not pretty but I think you will find it works!