John Bidwell

Rabbits are classed as special targets by a lot of shooting grounds and, because they can be inconsistent in ‘flight’ so to speak, they are considered unfair in competition.

Upshot of this is that people usually don’t get the chance to shoot them regularly.

This is a real shame because, competition shooters’ complaints aside, rabbits can be great fun to shoot – and you don’t need to adopt any strange new approach to how you usually shoot.

As long as your technique is sound, and you keep your weight on the front foot, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t nail ‘em every time.

All you need is practice.

Find a ground with a rabbit layout then shoot them from as many angles and distances as possible.

Keeping your weight well over the front foot counteracts any tendency to lift your head from the stock and by holding the muzzles low when you mount the gun you will to stay on the line of the target.

’Rolling’ rabbits are almost always missed in front so cut the speed of your swing and try shooting straight at it with a moving gun, or just on its leading edge.