We have been offered an old Juba manual clay shooting trap at a very cheap price and, as I have never heard of the make, I wonder if they are any good?

Clay shooting


Twenty years or so ago I knew the developer of these traps quite well, and it is a sign of getting old that I can?t remember his name!

I can?t claim any real influence on the design, but he and I certainly swapped quite a few ideas at the time.

I tested the traps for Sporting Gun, and found them good.

The traps then seemed to disappear from the scene for a while, but I note now that they are back on the market.

What?s more, from the picture on their website (www.jubaclaytraps.com) the design of the basic manual trap seems unchanged.

This means that spares for the trap you have been offered should still be available.

If you wish to check this fact before you buy the trap you have been offered, you can phone the manufacturers on 05602-772374.