Peter Theobald

No matter what the RSPB would have us believe, all birds of prey are opportunists, and whilst Red Kites may predominantly only eat carrion, there is no doubt they will not pass up the chance to take vulnerable live prey, as evidenced recently when a photographer caught a buzzard taking a rare Grey Phalarope.

  • Ryan Lightley

    excellent reply, i believe the RSPB are responsible for alot of misconceptions regarding raptors,having worked as a keeper since i left school 5 years ago, nothing a bird of prey does would suprise me anymore, ive seen it all, from buzzards hunting pheasant poults to red kites taking fully grown grey partridge, as Peter said in his reply ALL raptors are oppertunists and they wont turn thier noses up at anything.

  • mr j d nellis

    i had an incident at work 6yr ago which has resulted in me having sleep problems my local firearms dept have been kept informed (and been brilliant i might add).it has been suggested i see a psychologist to help with my sleep problems,could you please tell me if this would cause problems with my shotgun license renewal.iam a safe and responsible person wether shooting or not