World Championships – Womens Olympic Skeet

After the flash final the Germany came out on top with a 98 x 100.

Gold WENZEL Christine 98 x 100

Silver WEI Ning (China) 97 x 100

Bronze Kim Rhode (USA) 97 x 100

The Great Britain Womens Team results were:-

30th Pinky Le Grelle 67 x 75

33rd Elena Allen 67 x 75

42nd Nicki Brocklesby 66 x 75

Junior Womens Results

Once again the Juniors do not have a flash final so the results for the World Championship is out of the 75 targets.

Gold VINOGRADOVA Natalia (RUS) 71 x 75

Silver ANASTASSIOU Lucie (FRA) 68 x 75

Bronze CRAFT Morgan (USA) 68 x 75

The Great Britain Team Junior Womens reuslts:-

7th H Gibson 65 x 75

8th S Bruce 65 x 75

11th S Bond 63 x 75

Today is the Mens Double Trap competition.

Clive Bramley