World Championship – Olympic Skeet

The massive scores have followed all the way throught the event. This ground is well known for big scores. The targets have good visability and great weather.

Well with that in mind – surprise, surprise we have ARAMBURU Juan Jose from Spain who equals the World Record with a 125×125.

The cut off for the Flash Final was a shoot off on 123. After the final we ended up with 3 shooters on 149 x 150.

After the shoot off we ended up with the below medalists:-

GOLD ARAMBURU Juan Jose (ESP) 149 x 150

SILVER BROVOLD Tore (Norway) 149 x 150

BRONZE ALRASHIDI Abdullah (Kuwait) 149 x 150

The Great Britain shooters shot some really good scores but it was just not enough to make the finals.

Rory Warlow 122 x 125

M Allen 121 x 125

R Brickell 120 x 125

World Championship – Junior Skeet

GOLD FEDOROV Anatoly (RUS) 121 x125

SILVER CASSANDRO Tammaro (ITA) 121×125

BRONZE WUELPERN Gerrit (GER) 121 x 125

The Great Britain results were good but again just not enough to win a medal

18th DAVIDMANN Charles 118×125

27th MCGONIGAL Sam 116×125

35th FRANKLIN Guy Stephen 114×125

Well thats the last event for this year for Great Britain to attend except for those who have qualified for the World Cup Final this year.

Clive Bramley