I take exception to this because on the two occasions I?ve done so, it has backfired on me.

The first ?friend? went behind my back and pinched my pigeon shooting, the second also returned when I wasn?t there and was caught poaching a wood.

I got thrown off the land through association. Do you think I?m wrong to guard the rest of my pigeon shooting so jealously?


Peter Theobald

I?m with you on this one, having had the same experience as you after taking a ?friend? pigeon decoying.

Pigeon shooting is hard enough to come by, without a third party losing it for you.

There is a lot of trust invested in you by any farmer allowing you onto his land, and I never take it for granted.

This special relationship can often take years to accomplish, so I see no reason why individuals should not put in the legwork to establish it for themselves rather than rely on generous friends like yourself.