Edward Cook

Oh yes, we use them a lot but mainly at night. I now rarely use a rifle for lamping rabbits as these moderated .410s are far more effective, especially when used from a quad bike on arable fields.

The .410 isn’t much louder than an air rifle which is great because it doesn?t disturb other rabbits, or people living in the vicinity.

And the beauty of the quad is that the 750cc engine quickly reduces the range at which the rabbits are shot.

It?s a form of lamping that can?t be beaten for effectiveness but, then, my brother Nathan is somewhat handy with a .410 ? and so he should be considering he’s shot tens of thousands of rabbits in this manner!

  • mike

    With reference to lamping rabbits with a .410
    most of our butchers want head shot rabbits not ones with shot in them. With 1000 .410 cartridges
    at around £215 as opposed to 1000 .22 subsonic at
    around £75 it makes more sense to use rimfire. We use a Kawasaki mule which goes any where with great carrying capacity. Having said that I love using a .410!