If you are an accurate shot and able to consistently hit a rabbit in the head, then a standard air rifle delivering up to 12ft/lbs is more than capable of killing cleanly at 40-50 yards.

You can stretch this distance if the rifle is rated above the 12ft/lb limit, but it will then have to be held on a firearm certificate.

My old Weihrauch Mk77 has killed thousands of rabbits over the years, and it still kills well enough now. One of the beauties of hunting rabbits with a little air rifle is that it teaches you an amazing amount of fieldcraft, including the absolute need to get in close to your quarry before attempting a shot.

Regardless of which air rifle you use my advice would be to spend as much money as you can on buying a decent telescopic sight because then you will end up with a top notch set up for killing rabbits.

  • patrick

    the stalk of the quarry (rabbits) is a valuable life skill, learned only with experience, is brilliant sport and excercise, i shoot a weihrauch 99s with a 3-9×50 scope on it i had it threaded and silenced, the accuracy is paramount second to none and just as good as a weihrauch 95, it is an awesome hunting weapon i will not need another air rifle for many years to come it is the ultimate rabbit stopper in my , and i like graham won’t consider using a PCP as i previously owned one, i find them far too consumable with all the seals on the gun and need to be refilled, if someone purchases this gun they will not be disappointed, but as always with the shoot the skill is in the stalk.

  • Graham Denton

    There is nothing more sporting for rabbits, than Stalking them, it teaches excellent fieldcraft and skill in moving in close.
    I use four 12Ft Lbs Twangers(Springers) and they are well capable of killing rabbits in the head, neck, heart and lung, without having to go and put them out of their suffering.
    I use a Weihrauch 99S, Air Arms TX-200 Standard, Air Arms TX-200 H.C, and an Air Arms Pro-Sport, I wouldn’t shoot with a PCP.

  • DAN

    i hav been shooting rabbits for a few years now , of my experience , u get wat u pay 4 like you’ve all said they come at different /lbs ,manufactors,etc . i used 2 hav a webley stingray which retails at about £150 £180 that was 12/lbs which is the legal limit in the uk . altough in its own right a very good air rifle i found that longer shots ie 40-50 yrds was mere impossible a nearly always needed a second shot . so would only shoot betweenn 25-35 yrds for a effective head shot kill . last year i brought myself a weinrauch hw97 k this retails between £350 £450 dependings on the model. i found that not only could i effectivly hit a kill at 40-60 yards but found myself enjoyin it a pushing the limits , and its still suprising me now! i beleive its all about quailty and unfortunatly money ! but a gun is for life so would recommend buying the best u can afford or mayb wait a save till u can get that special gun.Because it does make a big difference! as for feild craft if u cant get that right without spookin the quarry u might as well b using a spud gun ! thanks

  • Michiel


    i will buy an air rifle for hunting rabbits, but i don’t know wich one, i will spend 300 to 500 EURO on de air rifle.
    i’ve seen the BSA lightning XL
    the Benjamin Super Streak.

    Can you please send me a message at what range the BSA lightning xl is good for ?

    or another air rifle ?

    Thank You So So So Much !!

  • Tjeerd Rinsma

    Dear Sir,

    Here an e-mail form Holland. In a few weeks we have a meeting with people form the Goverment to talk about rabbit pestcontrol.
    I think the use of and airgun in .22 with a power between 22 and 30 ftpound is very effective to schoot rabbits.

    What I need is websiyts or rapports form England where we can read that good airguns (like Daystate or Weihrauf) are very effective for pest controle.

    Mine question to you is can you help me on that information so we can show the people form the goverment how things are working in the UK.

    It would be a great help ! or maybe you know an other person who can help me.

    Greeting form Holland

    Tjeerd Rinsma

  • Lloyd

    i use a BSA scorpion and BSA Lightning XL, i prefer to get as close as possible, it so fun just to stalk up to them, even if they get away its a good laugh

  • anthony ball

    I have a air arms s410 .22 I would not shoot over 40 yards for a good head shot

  • Kevin Jonston

    Provided the weapon/ pellet combination will have 6ftlbs of energy at your chosen range and you are an accurate shot most decent rifles on the market should do the job with only the cheaper weapons being the exception not because of power but due to the accuracy. I personally have shot rabbits with head shots at 60 yards with my HW97K and Lightning XL both in .22 all one shot kills resulting in instant death to the quarry