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This is one of the most popular sections on Shooting UK. Because we bring you all the information you need on how to get a shotgun certificate and/or a firearms licence.

If you’re new to shooting, the process is explained clearly, from how to get the right forms, how to apply, the details you will need to give and how long you can expect the whole process to take.

We have also covered the latest laws on shotgun certificates and the latest news. What happens if you let your certificate lapse and what you should do with your guns. What happens if the shotgun certificate holder dies. How many guns you can hold on a single certificate. Plus warnings on how you can lose your licence.

Health conditions affecting your suitability are also covered comprehensively, as is GP involvement with the process and shooting organisations that can help you if you have an issue.

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15 things to know about renewing your shotgun certificate

Get your renewal application in at least 12 weeks before your certificate is due to expire. Do not wait for a police reminder letter (you may not receive one anyway, depending on where you live). You can download a firearm/shotgun certificate renewal form here.  On the renewal form you must…

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Depression: what it means for gun owners

Anybody can suffer from depression. It is an illness that does not discriminate. Anyone who thinks they are suffering should seek professional help as depression can often be treated by a sympathetic and well-informed GP. Depression and gun ownership There is no statutory duty to notify the police that you are…

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Worried about my shotgun certificate renewal

I am applying for a new shotgun licence and when the policeman came to visit he did not even bother to look at my gun safe. Before he left, he said he had to take my old licence with him. When I said I needed it, he said he would…

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This is why you’ll probably get your shotgun licence faster in future

New application forms for shotgun certificates and firearms licences will ask whether an applicant has ever been diagnosed or treated for a relevant medical condition, removing ambiguity around the current wording. The changes 
will apply in England, Scotland 
and Wales and come into effect 
on 31 December 2017, though old…

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These changes to shotgun licence forms will make things clearer

The Home Office has announced that the new shotgun licence forms will ask whether an applicant has ever been diagnosed or treated for a relevant medical condition to remove ambiguity around the current wording. The new forms – which will apply in England, Scotland and Wales – come into effect…

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What exactly goes on in a police firearms licensing department?

With about 23,000 certificate holders, Hampshire is a middling size force as far as firearms licensing is concerned. Its performance in recent years has left much to be desired. At one stage things were so poor that the force made an apology on Radio Solent. That’s the down side. The…

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Will new police text alert system speed up firearms licensing?

Thames Valley Police is pioneering a new text alert scheme to improve and speed up its firearms and shotgun licensing process. The three-stage system will send a text to applicants once their application is first received and sent for process, a second message when the application has been referred to…

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Police get tougher on gun ownership

The police are overcautious and too quick to revoke shotgun and firearm certificates, according to a firearms legal specialist. Earlier this month, Shooting Times reported on prosecutions launched by South Wales Police against those who withheld “spent convictions” during firearms applications. It has now been suggested that police forces across…

Shooters must announce past convictions

Shooters are being warned not to withhold details of past or “spent” convictions when applying for or renewing their firearm and shotgun certificates, otherwise they could risk prosecution. BASC has reminded its members of their legal obligation to fill out the forms correctly in regard to the standard question on…

Supervising a Young Shot

Supervising a Young Shot

As the media continues in its condemnation of young Shots, Will Finch argues that shooting from an early age has a positive effect on young people

Young Shot

Shotgun certificates for young Shots?

Q:  I would like to buy my son his first shotgun as a birthday present when he turns 14 this summer. Can he have his own shotgun certificate or is it best to put it on mine? A: Whilst I would suggest it should be on yours as well he…

15 things to know when buying your first gun

Apply for your shotgun certificate in plenty of time. Depending on where you live in the country it could take weeks or months to arrive. A reputable dealer will reserve your gun for you while you’re waiting for your certificate. Buy your first gun from a recommended gun shop –…