Olympic gold medallist Peter Wilson

Government told of shooting’s unique benefits to health

With potential rises in licence costs, GP fees and long waiting times for certificate renewals, shooters could be forgiven for thinking that their sport attracts little support 
from the Government. However, good news could be on the horizon, as a result of the Digital, Culture, Media & Sport select committee…


Saving the curlew

Multiple campaigns are under way to help reverse the decline of the curlew, led by shooting and conservation organisations. There are only around 300 pairs of breeding curlew left south of Birmingham and, at the current rate of loss, they are expected to disappear from the region in the next…

Guns and dogs off shooting

Police boss wants to increase firearms and shotgun certificate fees

In another blow to the shooting community, a senior police official has called on the Government to increase the fees charged to applicants for firearms and shotgun certificates. David Jamieson, Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for West Midlands Police, said he wants to make sure that forces are not “subsidising…

pigeon shooting

Government ‘betrayal’ on GP fees for new licences

Proposals to make every gun owner pay a fee to their GP when applying for a shotgun or firearm certificate have been declared as a betrayal by Government. Following a recent meeting with Nick Hurd, the minister responsible for firearm licensing, BASC understands the government plans to abandon the system…

Electric dog training collars in England

English shock collar ban being considered

A consultation has been launched in to a possible ban on the sale and use of electric dog training collars in England. This follows Scotland’s commitment to ban the use of the devices last month. Their use has been prohibited in Wales since 2010. The Kennel Club pre-empted the official…

Airgun law

Shooters oppose unjust airgun law

Further restrictions on airgun use in England and Wales would be “disproportionate” and “bad law”. That is the firm response from shooting groups as the Home Office draws its review of airgun licensing to a close. The review was launched to consider whether existing legislation is sufficient to prevent children…

Game sales are sky-rocketing

The popularity of game meat is rocketing, with sales in the UK rising by 8.6 per cent in the last year and some Scottish game dealers reporting a five-fold increase in demand for grouse. A new report by independent market researcher Mintel says that general UK sales now stand at…

electric dog training collar

Scotland bans electric dog training collars

Electric dog training collars are to be banned in Scotland, after the Scottish Government made a U-turn on its previous decision not to prohibit their use. Scottish environment secretary Roseanna Cunningham has dropped plans announced last year to introduce regulation to ensure that collars could only be used under the…

25 Year Environmental Plan

Shooters can help deliver new environmental plan

Shooters and farmers have a big part to play in delivering the Government’s new 25 Year Environmental Plan, say rural groups. The plan for a “cleaner, greener Britain” was launched by Prime Minister Theresa May earlier this month and includes the creation of the previously announced Northern Forest, along with…

Ilkley Moor

Fury as councillors end shooting on Ilkley Moor

Bradford Council’s Labour Group has refused to renew the grouse shooting lease on Ilkley Moor in a move shooting groups claimed was made to appease the animal rights lobby. Bradford Labour has majority on the council and a decision to renew the lease rested in its hands. The lease had…

Are police forces making life more difficult for shotgun licence applicants?

We either stand together or get picked off one-by-one. The relevance 
of this for shooters was highlighted by 
P. Cree writing recently, detailing how he had told fellow shoot members that BASC advised that nobody should 
pay “illegal” medical fees, only for three members to admit that they had indeed…


BASC confronts West Sussex council over snare ban

BASC has criticised West Sussex County Council’s decision to introduce a snaring ban without holding a consultation first and accused it of breaching the Regulators’ Code. The council introduced a prohibition on the use of snares by tenants on all of its land following the tabling of a motion by…

raptor persecution

New maps help crack down on bird crime

New interactive maps have been hailed as a valuable tool in the fight against raptor persecution. The maps detail incidents involving the shooting, poisoning and trapping of birds of prey, and the destruction of their nests in England and Wales. They were developed by the Raptor Persecution Priority Delivery Group…

Firearm certificate

How to get a firearm certficate

Advice on how to get your firearm certificate with information on what police are looking for, what counts as good reason to own a firearm and what variations are

Jobs in shooting

This is why you’ll probably get your shotgun licence faster in future

New application forms for shotgun certificates and firearms licences will ask whether an applicant has ever been diagnosed or treated for a relevant medical condition, removing ambiguity around the current wording. The changes 
will apply in England, Scotland 
and Wales and come into effect 
on 31 December 2017, though old…

Don’t throw away money by handing in antique guns, says expert

BASC is asking shooters to check for “cash in the attic” in the form of unwanted guns, rather than handing them in. The call comes following the current national firearms surrender campaign, which is running from 13 to 26 November, during which people can hand over firearms and ammunition at…


Licensing airguns is not the answer, says BASC firearms officer

Early reports on licensing airguns in Scotland appear to show a lack of compliance — generally from an absence of knowledge rather than criminal intent. A law came into force on 1 January in Scotland making it an offence to possess an airgun without a specific certificate or a temporary exemption…

BASC appoints new chief executive

BASC has appointed a new chief executive, due to join the team in February 2018. Ian Bell, a brigadier in the British Army, will take up the role at BASC when his current deployment as Commander British Forces Germany comes to an end. Mr Bell has a huge enthusiasm for…

grouse shooting

Glorious start to the grouse season

It’s been a terrific start to the grouse season in northern England, though reports from Scotland have been mixed. Last month, estates reported big broods and perfect conditions along with the possibility of record seasons in some places. But Shooting Times checked back to see whether the Glorious Twelfth had…