28 or 20 bore

Bigger is best

Peter says: A lot depends on the stature of the child, but nothing will evaporate the enthusiasm of a young lad faster than learning to shoot with a .410. The very minimum I would start him on would be a 28-bore, moving on to a 20, or even a 12-bore as soon as he can handle the…


A guide to buying your first gun

It's never too soon to start looking at guns with a view to buying your first and any dealer will be happy to reserve a gun until your certificate arrives

boy learning to shoot

How to get into shooting

If you are looking to get into shooting of any kind, this easy guide will give you plenty of hints and tips

The Huglu 103D shotgun

Huglu 103D shotgun review

Gun reviews: Huglu 103D shotgun: The Huglu 103D shotgun is a quality gun, for a surprisingly low price.

Secondhand Browning Medallist

Secondhand Browning Medallist review

What’s the best starter gun? It’s a subject for constant debate, with guns from Lincoln, Lanber, Baikal, and various relative newcomers from Turkey all having their adherents.

Make sure your new gun fits right

Is the fit right on my new gun?

I've bought a Beretta for clay shooting as a spare, but I'm not sure the gun fit is right as I don’t shoot as well with it as I do my old workhorse.

Webley 912K shotgun

Webley 912K shotgun review

The Webley 912K shotgun is an affordable entry level gun that’s made abroad but carries one of the most famous names in English gunmaking.