gun fit

When combined with good footwork and mount, gun fit can help give you the edge in your shooting

If your gun fit is right you will be a consistent shooter because you will be able to mount the gun in the same place every time. A well-fitted shotgun is crucial to making sure that you perform to the best of your ability when out in the field. It will also be a lot more comfortable to shoot with.
A lot will depend on your body shape, eye dominance, whether you’re left or right handed and whether you’re male or female. A good fitter will be experienced and know if your gun needs to be restocked or altered.
An expert Gun can get away with a gun that fits indifferently. Everybody else needs to ensure that their gun fit is as good as it can be!
Here’s a selection of articles we’ve written on gun fit which should answer many of your questions.
Gun fit

Do I really need to have my gun fitted?

Q: Is there really any need to have a gun fitted? My factory-stocked Beretta is perfect in every respect. A couple of friends, though, are forever tinkering with their guns, with mixed results. What are your thoughts on this? A: John says: A lot of folk are fortunate in that “standard” stock measurements…

gun fit

All about accurate gun fit

Why do you think that, historically, accurate gun fit has not been at the forefront of the minds of British shots when buying or indeed using guns? “If you go back to when I started in the workshop here in 1977, we very rarely altered a shotgun. There was also very little in the sporting…

Best gun fit for a sore face

A: In order to control and eliminate the discomfort you are presently experiencing, you will need to look at both the weight of your gun and the stock length. A Monte Carlo stock may possibly sit more comfortably on your shoulder, but a rubber pad at the end of your stock will not necessarily help your face. The…

gun mount practice

How to practice your gun mount at home

There is no substitute for regular mounting practice to achieve a smooth, fluent and efficient mount — bringing the comb up under the gun sight, aligning your shooting eye perfectly time after time. I recommend some exercises that you can do on your own in your home, using an unloaded…


How can I make my gunmount more consistent?

Adam Calvert is a freelance shooting instructor with a global reputation, offering highly bespoke and tailored shooting instruction in addition to being a Fabbri ambassador. He offered this advice on gunmount.  Getting your gunmount accurate and above all consistent is probably one of the most important but equally difficult things you can master…

young shots

Buying a first shotgun

Any busy shooting coach will see a continuous stream of newcomers to clayshooting or gameshooting coming through his ground who, having had a few first encounters with those elusive moving targets, are now thinking of buying a first shotgun. They may have been to one or two clayshooting days, or Saturday…

man holding shotgun

One gun fits all

The telephone at shooting schools invariably starts to ring more frequently once the first pheasant shoots of the season are behind us. Right now mine is busy with shooters trying to find answers as to why their early outings have not met with the success they had expected. I’ve asked…


A guide to buying your first gun

It's never too soon to start looking at guns with a view to buying your first and any dealer will be happy to reserve a gun until your certificate arrives

How a shotgun works

How a shotgun works

Lewis Potter looks at the inner workings of a shotgun to explain and illustrate how a shotgun works

gun cleaning tips

10 gun care tips

  Never neglect gun cleaning. A little effort will keep your guns safe, reliable and rust-free Do not put a gun in a gun slip into a gun safe. You want air movement Do not put a heater or a lightbulb in your gun safe. Your stock will over-dry, warm…

Will professional gun fitting help my shooting?

I would like to have the stock on my new Beretta Silver Pigeon professionally fitted because I don’t feel as though I am shooting as well with it as I should. I have never had a gun fitted before and wondered if you can you recommend a fitter with a…

Make sure your new gun fits right

Is the fit right on my new gun?

I've bought a Beretta for clay shooting as a spare, but I'm not sure the gun fit is right as I don’t shoot as well with it as I do my old workhorse.

What is ‘wood-to-metal fit’ on a shotgun?

What does ‘wood-to-metal fit’ mean? How, for instance, can I judge if a gun is good or bad in this respect? Most of those I see have the wood standing proud of the metal – is this correct or should it finish flush? Is there a reason why so many…