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Have you just started shooting and need some guidance? Or are you a seasoned shot and want to know how you can improve your accuracy? We have all the tips, tricks, skills and expert advice to ensure that your shooting gets better every time you’re in the field or at the clay ground.


eye dominance and shooting

Eye dominance and shooting

Eye dominance and your shooting! Everyone can improve their shooting by understanding more about eye dominance.

Shotgun jargon explained

Guide to shotgun jargon

With so many shotgun terms floating about, it can be hard to know what you're talking about.

miss a shot

How NOT to waste a shot

Each year at our shoot, we have a day, usually in June, when we gather to shoot a few clays and have a BBQ. Last year, to add some interest, I set up a pattern plate and the guests were invited to test their guns and cartridges. A good many…

Ben Davies of Bisley

Gun mount and gun fit – going back to basics

Close decoying pigeons often look like the easiest shot, but too many misses can be the start to a memorable day for all the wrong reasons. The key is attention to basics — I often tell clients that if it feels hard, they are doing it wrong — so the…

What to do in closed season?

10 ways the modern sporting gentleman can survive the closed season

Spend quality time with your second family It is common knowledge that the modern sporting gentleman refers to his main family as his shooting syndicate, his fishing syndicate or his hunt, or, all three. It is therefore his duty during the closed season to gather his second family around during…

Shooting birds in the field

The top 10 shooting excuses

1.The sun was in my eyes… This is a classic, especially among partridge shooters in, as it might be, October when the sun tends to hang low in the sky of a morning. Step one, of course, would be to slip on a pair of sunglasses. Really good sunglasses, mind…

Easter holiday activities for Young Shots

Looking for Easter holiday activities for Young Shots?

Young Guns in the making and those keen to improve their skills will jump at the chance to spend some of the holidays at The Royal Berkshire Shooting School on a Young Shots workshop. Designed for youngsters aged 10-18 years old, the courses give a solid and comprehensive introduction to…

taking a shot

When should you take the shot?

  Leaving aside the stalking skill, knowledge of the quarry, correct rifle mount, stability of position, breath control and all the other disciplines needed for an accurate shot, what do I wait for in those few seconds before the message is despatched to squeeze the trigger? Period of calm With the scope crosshairs on the target,…

Game bird

What makes a game bird fly well on shoot days?

What makes our game birds fly well one day only to perform poorly the next? No one wants low birds that present little challenge and result in an inedible carcass along with a feeling of ‘really, what is the point?’ At the opposite end of the scale, the cruelty of excessive-range shooting is not only unacceptable but leaves a similar…

practising at a clay ground

Four shooting myths you should ignore

1. Clay practice will improve your gameshooting Practising on clays is something many gameshooters shy away from. Most will wait until the first day or until all has gone wrong before putting in some practice. I have never understood this mentality and it is frustrating listening to some of the excuses for not practising. The most common…

Man experiencing gameshooting problems

Shooting problems in the field – and how to handle them

Mud – foot movement killer Heavy, wet mud is the biggest killer of foot movement, and foot position is the foundation of good shotgun shooting. If it’s difficult to move quickly to take a crossing target out to right or left then it is not worth the bother – you are going to miss because your upper body locks up…

Man snap shooting pheasant

Snap shooting pheasant – what am I doing wrong?

John Bidwell says: This one has cropped up in this column before so, at the risk of repeating myself, I will cover the salient points of “snap shooting” again. You must stay alert and totally concentrated. Let your gaze fix a little ahead of the tree line. Assume the ready position with the gun muzzles held high. Trust in…

shooting Guns

10 things that can make or break a shoot day

Makes 1. The Weather: Many Guns prefer a lightly overcast day, a favourable wind with a decent nip in the air. Persistent driving rain all day is enough to break the spirit of the keenest gun. 2. The host: They set the mood for the entire day. A bad host…

Man shooting by lake

Can’t stop stopping my gun

A: This is a very misunderstood problem in shooting. People say that you are “stopping your gun” but they are not explaining why. The simple reason for it is that as you go to pull the trigger, you are most likely looking at the end of your gun. It is known as checking your swing. The gun…

game shooting at sunset

How to shoot more driven birds

At this time during the season, I tend to lose count of the number of times I hear Guns saying, “I got off to a really good start with my shooting, but now the wheels have fallen off …”. There are a few factors that cause this. Birds are now strong on the wing, the weather conditions…

Man shooting in rain

Struggling on long crossers – what should I do?

Shooting instructor Adam Calvert replies: A: The walking gun brief can be one of my favourite roles but equally it is a tricky one, and the addition of long crossers can be an extra challenge. When you are given a brief as a walking gun the most important thing is to remember the associated safety that actually surrounds walking…

red legged partridge

Getting up to speed on partridges

There is something very English about shooting partridges over stubbles in autumn. Once, the majority of driven shooting in England was partridges; not the French red-legged variety but our own beautiful English, or grey, partridge. Modern agriculture in the 1980s sadly had a huge effect on the stronghold of the grey, but there are committed landowners and farmers out there…

man with shotgun in heather

Can taking a break from shooting improve your hit rate?

It’s the first drive of the season. I’m wound tighter than a watch spring and shuffling nervously around my peg. It’s one of those rare occasions when I pray that the first bird heads for someone else in the line. If it comes to me and I miss, the banter will be radioactive. Like all the syndicate…

gun mount practice

How to practice your gun mount at home

There is no substitute for regular mounting practice to achieve a smooth, fluent and efficient mount — bringing the comb up under the gun sight, aligning your shooting eye perfectly time after time. I recommend some exercises that you can do on your own in your home, using an unloaded…