Weatherby Vanguard Range Certified .243

Weatherby Vanguard Range Certified . 243

The Vanguard series of rifles from Weatherby offers shooters the chance of owning the Weatherby name in a good-quality but less expensive rifle. The Vanguard is basically a Howa barrelled-action rifle from Japan that has been rebadged. There is nothing wrong with this, as I remember having the same Howa…

stalking with a scope

Do we rely on scopes too much?

I once went out on the hill with an old stalker who bemoaned the use of bipods. This struck me as odd, because I would have thought using bipods meant fewer missed shots and, more importantly, fewer wounded beasts. But according to him, in using a bipod, 
his guests tended…

Remington Model 783

Remington Model 783 reviewed by Shooting Times

Remington has languished in the shadows for 
a number of years, which is a shame because in the past the company’s models were the mainstream hunting rifles in Britain alongside those made by Tikka, Sako and Ruger. However, Remington is back, with its rifles and shotguns 
now distributed by Raytrade,…

What’s a good second-hand rifle for deer stalking?

Q:  I want my son to come out stalking with me; he is keen and a good shot. Can you recommend 
a good-value second-hand rifle? Will any brand be OK providing the rifle meets the right specifications, and 
if so what specifications should I be looking for? A: It is…

How to choose a stalking rifle

£1,200 for a new rifle. What should I buy?

A: That is a good budget for 
a decent rifle, with the Tikka T3, Schultz & Larsen, Steyr Mannlicher CL2, Strasser RS Solo or Browning X-Bolt, to name a few, all around that price level. Any one of these rifles will be a good and reliable choice. You need to…

.17 WSM

Savage B.Mag Target .17 WSM

I have tested many a Savage over the years and have seen them transform from a budget-priced yet reliable and accurate rifle from the US to a more respected and accepted gun in Britain today. This is largely due to the efforts of importer Edgar Brothers, which offers the Savage…

Rigby Highland rifle

Rigby Highland Stalker

Classic Rigbys these days go for large sums of money, combining the charm of yesteryear and the very best in English quality styling, fit and finish with the precision-engineering metal components made by Mauser. This partnership was formed in the early 1900s and it works just as well today. Three…

Haenel Jaeger 10

Haenel Jaeger 10 synthetic Sporter

Haenel is one of those gunmakers that have never really been a familiar name 
in Britain, despite its 1840 pedigree. Add to this the heritage from 
the Suhl gunmaking region of its origin and you have yourself a well-respected manufacturer of sporting firearms. I have tested the Pro version in…

Mossberg MVP Scout combo

Mossberg MVP Scout combo – rifle review

I tested the Mossberg Predator a few years ago and was impressed with the price and performance of the rifle, so now it is the turn of the Scout model. The Scout rifle ethos was promoted by the late Colonel Jeff Cooper, who pioneered the principle of a short, fast-handling rifle that had a multipurpose scope mounting system.…

Webley & Scott Xocet

Webley & Scott Xocet

Both my shooting partner, Paul, and I were intrigued to find out what the new, affordable Xocet from Webley & Scott would be like. Coming from a famous stable with a background of solid, dependable guns, I really hoped that it wasn’t going to be a cheap item hiding behind a good name. My fears were quickly put…

Checking rifle accuracy

4 things that affect rifle accuracy (and how to correct them)

Next to calibre or cartridge choice, the subject of rifle accuracy (or lack of it) is the one that most frequently frustrates rifle shooters. It is a problem usually associated with older rifles, as new rifles these days are well made and accurate “out of the box”. However, even the best rifles can go sour. The rifle is…

Winchester XPR .243

Winchester XPR .243 reviewed

Winchester has always been the symbol of American rifle-making but, as with Browning, manufacture transferred to Japan under the Browning, Winchester, Miroku banner. This particular gun is actually made in Portugal and is another one of the new line of rifles from American makers that are accessible to the masses at a very keen price. Often this means cheap,…

man with sound moderators

Five sound moderators on test

Once quite uncommon, the sound moderator is now as standard a piece of equipment as is a scope when you buy a rifle. But every shooter’s needs will be different. For a stalker who only goes out on a few shoots a year a lightweight moderator may be best, while for those who shoot a lot and need…

Browning T-Bolt synthetic .22LR

Browning T-Bolt synthetic .22LR

Straight-pull rifles are not for everyone. The operation of the bolt as a straight pull directly back to you is very fast and smooth, and none more so than in the small Browning T-Bolt rimfire rifle. I love the classic T-Bolts of yesteryear that stopped production in 1975 but were way ahead of their time. Browning has its…

blackpowder gun

Martini rook and rabbit rifle

Fans of the film Zulu will be familiar with the Martini-Henry rifle used by British troops at that period. The Martini-Henry got its name from the combination of the Martini action mated to Alexander Henry’s system of rifling. A blackpowder rifle adopted for military use in 1871, it lived on in conversions to 20-bore and .410, as…

Strasser RS Solo

Strasser RS Solo

The Strasser rifle’s first incarnation was the RS 05, designed by Horst Blaser in 2004 with an Austrian engineer Herbert Strasser. The original rifle was a quick-change barrel system and straight-pull design; today it has gone from strength to strength and the Strasser is one of the best and safest straight-pull rifles on the market. Not everyone wanted a…

hunting rifles

Hunting rifles – Parker Hale M81

The M81 rifle was Parker Hale’s top-of-the-range hunting/stalking rifle and completed a portfolio of bolt-action rifles. These included classic, clip feed, deluxe, standard, African and varmint grades, to name a few. Pure English styling The M81 was a refined version of the hugely popular 1200 model rifle, with more classic styling, and was introduced in 1986.…

Sauer 404

The Sauer 404 bolt-action rifle

The 202, the predecessor of the 404 was launched in 1993 and was seen as one of the best rifles around. However, the new 404 has many mechanical improvements over the 202, one being the safety catch. When you push the safety catch up to make the rifle “live”, you are physically cocking the rifle. Moving the safety catch…