side by side shotgun

Is the side-by-side shotgun history?

“Snobbery and inheritance are the only reasons why people use a side-by-side.” So said one keen Shot, once described as the best of his generation. “But I’m not that bothered. I just like to shoot straight.” Once upon a time, the side-by-side was the only gun to use. Turn up for…

English bulldogs are trendy dogs

Trendy dogs are not always the most healthy

I am a diligent reader of dog stories, 
but one I missed earlier this year 
was a regional map of dog-breed popularity, based on Kennel Club registrations in 2016. As with so many statistics, the results are fascinating but mustn’t be taken too seriously. I wouldn’t mind betting that cockerpoos…

Scotland ends tail docking ban

The Scottish Government this week voted in favour of allowing vets to shorten the tails of spaniels and hunt, point, retrievers (HPR) if they will be used as working dogs. Legislation was laid in May, with environment secretary Roseanna Cunningham pledging to introduce a bill to drop the existing ban…

hen harrier

Have you seen a hen harrier?

The hen harrier has a huge global range, from Europe to Taiwan, with an estimated European population of 30,000 to 54,000 breeding pairs (BirdLife International, 2015). However, at the last national survey in 2010, the UK population was 662 breeding pairs, 505 pairs of which were in Scotland with strongholds…

Lincoln Premier Compact

Lincoln Premier Compact reviewed by Shooting Times

Among the cluster of gunmakers nestled along the valley of the Mella 
river above Brescia in Italy is a company called Fabbrica Armi Isidoro Rizzini, otherwise known as FAIR. Since its inception in 1971, the UK distributor for FAIR guns has been John Rothery, with the guns bearing its brand…

Pheasant dish

Pheasant lands on school menus

School pupils across the UK are to learn about the benefits of game meat after BASC’s Taste of Game campaign teamed up with teachers to get pheasant cooking lessons added to the curriculum. Secondary school teachers will attend an interactive workshop at the Food Teachers Centre’s Get Set for GCSE…

gun ownership

Police get tougher on gun ownership

The police are overcautious and too quick to revoke shotgun and firearm certificates, according to a firearms legal specialist. Earlier this month, Shooting Times reported on prosecutions launched by South Wales Police against those who withheld “spent convictions” during firearms applications. It has now been suggested that police forces across…

Gundog puppies eating

Why raw chicken wings are the perfect dog food

It is close to 15 years since I changed my dogs’ diet from feeding so-called complete foods out of a sack to what is now generally termed a BARF (bones and raw food) diet. I prefer to call it 
a natural diet, as that is what it is. I’m convinced…

DIY shoot

Shooting must make friends, not enemies

For this challenging article, I asked the National Trust, the Countryside Alliance (CA), the RSPB, the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT), the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation (NGO), the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT), Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and BASC how shooting is perceived and how it could improve its public…

Shooters must announce past convictions

Shooters are being warned not to withhold details of past or “spent” convictions when applying for or renewing their firearm and shotgun certificates, otherwise they could risk prosecution. BASC has reminded its members of their legal obligation to fill out the forms correctly in regard to the standard question on…

Positive start for European partridge research project

A Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust-led project has got under way, with the grey partridge helping to improve farm biodiversity across Europe. Apt acronym As Shooting Times reported at the start of the year, the four-year PARTRIDGE (an acronym for Protecting the Area’s Resources Through Researched Innovative Demonstration of Good…

Gamekeepers rewarded for community effort

Gamekeepers who helped villages in Royal Deeside to recover from devastating flooding have been recognised for their community effort with a major award. Around 70 estate workers and gamekeepers from the Grampian Moorland Group teamed up with South Grampian Wildfire Group to remove debris from the river Dee at Ballater…

Deer stalking

How can I start deer stalking?

I have just passed my DSC Level 1 and want to progress and learn more about deer. Would it help if I joined one of the specialist groups and, if so, which should it be – the British Deer Society or the St. Hubert Club?

dog recall

How to teach reliable dog recall

If there is one 
thing that sets the amateur handler apart from the professional, it is reliable dog recall. Whereas the professional has dogs that come galloping back on the 
first soft “toot” of their master or 
mistress’s whistle, the amateur has 
animals that will be galloping over the horizon…

Supervising a Young Shot

Supervising a Young Shot

As the media continues in its condemnation of young Shots, Will Finch argues that shooting from an early age has a positive effect on young people

gundog with gunslips

Gundog unreliable at the peg?

Q: I am getting my first Labrador puppy soon, which besides being a family pet, will be my shooting dog in the future hopefully. I say hopefully as this will be the first one I have trained myself. I used to borrow my father’s dog to take out driven shooting…

Scotland puts game-shoot licensing back on the table

Scottish fieldsports groups have expressed their dismay over the Scottish Parliament’s decision to explore the introduction of game-shoot licensing. Last month, the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee voted narrowly in favour of examining a possible licensing scheme to tackle wildlife crime in the country. And cabinet secretary Roseanna…

secure gun cabinet

How many guns can you store in a gun cabinet?

Q: When I got my shotgun licence three years ago I bought a four-gun cabinet. I’ve just bought my fifth shotgun and have been told by my firearms enquiry officer (FEO) that I am only allowed to own four because that is all my cabinet was intended for. Do