call for fair firearms licensing

Lobby your MP for fair firearms licensing

The Countryside Alliance has launched a new campaign seeking consistent and fair firearms licensing. It comes in response to the “failing” medical procedures introduced in 2016 for shooters seeking applications and renewals, which have been criticised for being applied inconsistently across different counties – with some applicants being charged up…

old yellow Labrador

Giving your gundog a comfortable retirement

One of the most frustrating things about good gundogs is that their working lives are so short. A dog is typically three or four years old when it matures into the best you have ever had, but five or six years later you realise that his working life is approaching…

Shooting insurance for shooters

Should everyone be covered by shooting insurance?

I run a small syndicate shoot where members can bring a friend each time we shoot. I think it only fair that everybody who comes along is insured and I've asked that, in future, visiting Guns bring proof of insurance (BASC membership etc) with them on the day.


Can dogs get colds?

Q: My dog has suddenly started sneezing. Can dogs get colds and flu like humans? Over the 
past few days there have been persistent bouts of sneezing, runny nose and she snores when asleep as if her nose is blocked. So can dogs get colds? A: Dogs don’t get colds…

ATA Arms SP Silver

ATA Arms SP Silver

ATA is a Turkish company that grew from one man’s abilities and skills, with its first over-and-under shotgun being produced in 1973. The company has been better known in recent years for its semi-automatic shotguns, so I was quite taken aback when I took delivery of this new ATA model…

game to feed homeless

Keepers helped feed homeless this Christmas

Angus and Grampian gamekeepers teamed up to give more than 600 homeless and vulnerable people a freshly cooked meal of local game over the festive period. Members of the Angus Glens Moorland Group and Grampian Moorland Group worked to deliver locally reared oven-ready pheasants and partridges, as well as fresh…

Grey partridges

Help to save grey partridges by noting your numbers

Keepers, farmers and land managers are being urged to take part in the Partridge Count Scheme this spring. The annual monitoring initiative, which started in 1933, is led by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) and collects information on the breeding success of grey partridges, which have been in…

beaters' day

How to organise beaters’ day

As January approaches, thoughts of keepers, beaters and pickers-up are turning to the end-of- season cock’s or beaters’ days. Originally called keeper’s days — because they were gifted to the keeper to invite whom 
he wished — the Guns are now usually 
a mix of the keeper’s guests, the beaters…

shoot day

Do Guns appreciate the planning that goes into a shoot day?

I wonder if people appreciate the amount of work and organisation that goes into planning a shoot day? The day starts way back in 
the summer when your poults first arrive in the release pens and the feeding regime, which is a seven-days-a-week job, goes 
on through the autumn in…

Dogs at work in the beating line

After an enjoyable season in the beating line with his spaniel, David Tomlinson asks what traits a dog needs to have to be an asset to this essential team


BASC confronts West Sussex council over snare ban

BASC has criticised West Sussex County Council’s decision to introduce a snaring ban without holding a consultation first and accused it of breaching the Regulators’ Code. The council introduced a prohibition on the use of snares by tenants on all of its land following the tabling of a motion by…

raptor persecution

New maps help crack down on bird crime

New interactive maps have been hailed as a valuable tool in the fight against raptor persecution. The maps detail incidents involving the shooting, poisoning and trapping of birds of prey, and the destruction of their nests in England and Wales. They were developed by the Raptor Persecution Priority Delivery Group…

Woodcock Club dinner to be held at the Old Palace

Annual Woodcock Club dinner to be held at Hatfield House

We are delighted to announce the location and date of the 34th annual Shooting Times Woodcock Club dinner. The hotly anticipated event will be held at the Old Palace at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire on the 24th March 2018. The Old Palace at Hatfield House is charged with a unique…

game for the freezer

Preparing game for the freezer – here’s what to do

Q: At this time of year I always end up with an abundance 
of game birds that I need to store until quieter periods in the year. How best should I prepare game 
for the freezer so that it will keep 
as long as possible without developing a “freezery” taint?…

Pulsar Phantom NV sight 4x60mm

What’s a good night-vision sight for under £1750?

Q: I wish to buy a night-vision sight for my .22 Anschutz rimfire that I can also use on my .22-250 Sako for foxes up to 150 yards. Can you recommend one 
for under £1,750? A: As the daylight hours dwindle, 
night vision and thermal imagers will tend to replace standard optical…

Lincoln Vogue HSX Sporter 12-bore

Lincoln Vogue HSX Sporter 12-bore reviewed by Shooting Times

The Lincoln Vogue HSX is 
the latest development of the Vogue game gun. The HSX, or Hunter Sporting Cross-over, is designed for clays as much as for game or rough shooting and is Lincoln’s attempt to please all parties and create a single gun for every job. The 30in barrel…

Beretta 690 Field 1

Beretta 690 Field 1 20-bore reviewed by Shooting Times

I have become somewhat blasé regarding the various models produced by Beretta. To the uninitiated, the dealer’s rack appears to have an array of products from Beretta that look the same. They share similar lines in style, they have ranges based upon the same action and different actions are similar…