I have asked the owners time and time again to keep them under control, but to no avail; all I get is a mouthful of abuse.

I?ve reported them to the police, but nothing has been done.

Yesterday the Alsatian chased a bullock into an old marl pit where it bust a leg and had to be destroyed.

I?ve been told I can?t shoot the dogs, so what can I do? I?m at my wit’s end.


David Frost

Shooting dogs is always a difficult issue. In the circumstances you describe I believe you would be justified in doing so.

Ideally you need a witness to the fact you have warned the dog owner that you will shoot his dogs if they worry your stock.

It?s also helpful to have a record, a crime number for example, of your report to the police.

If you do shoot a dog that is worrying stock you must inform the police within 48 hours.

Dog owners are required in law to keep their dogs under control and can be held liable for any damage they cause.

You could sue the owner of the Alsatian for the value of the beast his dog killed.

The small claims court is the best route for this.

  • Roderick McCafferty

    Perhaps a Saliva test could prove the offending dog attacked your stock. Some saliva would be on your sheep. If the test is positive sue the offending owner for all costs. If anyone is interested the photo accompanying this article can be found on page 380 of a book called Big Game of North America, published by Stackpole. The ISBN number is 7099-2333-3.
    Has anyone any footage of a fox actually killing a sheep? I cannot find anything on youtube. I did see a video of three sheep chasing a fox!
    Roddy McCafferty

  • ron rowlands

    You should shoot the dog. On one farm i shoot over the farmer asked me any dog that i see worrying sheep to shoot he dose have a problem with dogs.
    I will do this for him but only if i get a clean kill.

  • Keith Fell

    Its my understanding of the law that any dog worrying and or injuring any live stock can be shot by the Farmer/owner of that stock.

    B.A.S.C would be able to advise further on this matter.

  • J.Fletch


  • mark

    Re. shooting dogs. You should place clear signage on the gates to your land insisting dogs be kept on leads and if off the lead and worrying live stock could be shot.