• desmond.simpson

    first time I have skinned a pheasant o so easy after looking at this video

  • elspeth borthwick

    excellent video of skinning a pheasant … thank you

  • bruce dalley

    well done that man.well shooting times.

  • ruth

    this is a very good video and i skinned 4 pheasants easily while i was watching the step to step guide of how to do it

  • pipp hill

    Very well explained – I shall now go and try!!


    So very well presented, clearly spoken and easy to follow instructions. THANK YOU.

  • darren

    Thanks for this simple to follow and the brace i had were both skinned and cleaned in half hour. a great piece of work

  • Lou

    very good – excellent – my 6 year old and I did 4 birds – each one was easier than previous but didn’t have a clue until I watched the video!

  • Tony

    So well done! Followed the video with my 12 year old daughter doing most of it easily. Thanks again

  • Helen Layne

    As a 47year old suburban housewife who does not participate in field sports, I thought I had my work cut out for me when a friend very kindly left a brace of pheasant on my doorstep. Therefore, I was thrilled to find your video clip on how to skin a pheasant. May I compliment the gentleman who carried out the demonstration. I followed him as I skinned my pheasant with excellent results.Just a shame he couldn’t come round and cook them for me as well!
    Thankyou for making the task so straightforward.

  • frank taylor

    Thanks for the tips on how to prep a pheasant, keep up the good work.

  • Rob

    Excellent video.

    I have just skinned my first 2 Pheasents and it was fairly easy with this Shooting Times presentation.

    Many thanks, keep up the excellent work and here’s hoping for many more successful shoots and cooking sessions.

  • Phil

    Found a large fresh cock pheasant in the road. Its blood was runny and its eyes were bright and clear. It looked magnificent. Hung it upside down for three days in a cold garage.

    Followed this excellent video. Never done this job before. The tail feathers were tough to come out and I couldn’t get anywhere with pulling out the tendons. When I cut the neck I found the remains of its last meal, some green leaves. Was that supposed to happen?

    Examined the liver for white spots and cauliflower growths that might indicate poor health, none found. Examined the kidney for black swelling that might suggest disease, none found.

    Partner Danielle was utterly repulsed by the idea of eating something that’s been in the road and tried to think of every excuse to dissuade me but I ignored her. Now I’ve done it she looked at the finished clean bird and said she thinks it is safe to cook it and eat it after all, but she won’t touch it.

  • bob toney

    you have not cleaned to many birds have you lay the bird on its back spread the wings apart as far as you can and stand on them with your feet against the breast on both sides grab the birds feet and with a quick jerk there you have it no knife needed

  • Stuart mason

    Just got my first brace of pheasants, and thanks to this great step by step guide have prepared them today. Thanks shooting times 🙂

  • Martin H

    Have managed to follow your instructions in the middle of the night, and without leaving any trace of feathers or blood. My wife finds the whole business of skinning and gutting too much.

  • Stewart Ross

    Simply excellent! Many Thanks.

  • Jane

    Brilliant video on how to “peel” a pheasant. I had never been brave enough to deal with a pheasant from scratch (and have an allergy to feathers that makes plucking unpleasant). Tonight we will eat pheasant casserole with pride


  • Diana Norton

    Thanks very much for this. Just bought my first brace at a poultry auction and had no idea what to do with them! This makes it look simple so am now looking forward to preparing and eating them!! Thanks again 🙂

  • Sppringtime

    This video was extremely helpful. Thanks to it I have prepared my first pheasants today.

    Thank you!

  • john plant

    really brilliant, explained in simple terms. more of the same if you please