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About Shooting Times

Wildfowler’s Shooting Times and Kennel News, the publication’s original title, was first published in September 1882 and has not missed a single edition since. Lewis Clement, the former kennel reporter to The Field, whose nom de plume was “Wildfowler” was the founding editor.

Throughout its history, Shooting Times has offered a forum for significant debate in the shooting world – famously in the 26 October, 1907, issue, Stanley Duncan, (a long-term contributor to the magazine) wrote in with a request: “Sir, I have been asked to suggest a Wildfowlers’s Association, to which you, Mr Editor, might give some assistance by permitting your paper to be the organ through which proposals might be considered and views obtained?”

The name of the association born out of the ensuing correspondence was the Wildfowlers’ Association of Great Britain and Ireland – now known as the British Association for Shooting and Conservation and one of the principal shooting organisations in the country, if not the world.

Over the years Shooting Times has carried articles by the most renowned writers in the shooting world with such noted sportsmen as Denys Watkins-Pitchford (“BB”), Colin Willock, Arthur Oglesby, Gough Thomas and the well-known firearms expert Geoffrey Boothroyd, regularly contributing to the magazine.

The magazine has a strong link to its past – the current magazine’s content would still be remarkably familiar to those who picked up the original issue, with the same mix of shooting features, gundog articles and reflections on the wider aspects of countryside life which have developed such a loyal readership.

The magazine celebrated its centenary in 1982, and its 125th anniversary in 2007. The magazine has only had 17 editors to date.

Patrick Galbraith (pictured in video above)

Matt Clark

Matt Clark, editor of Sporting Gun

About Sporting Gun

Sporting Gun is Britain’s biggest selling shooting magazine thanks to a team that’s as passionate about the sport as its readers – professionals who love guns, gundogs, cartridges and conservation just as much as you do!

We’ve won friends thanks to an easy going, practical, hands-on approach to this fabulous fieldsport. We’re affectionately known as ‘The Gun’ – a title whose motto has always been: “If we can reach you, we can teach you.”

Having grown up in Cumbria, editor Matt spent most of his time rough shooting and rabbiting with his lurcher. Before becoming editor of Sporting Gun he edited another shooting magazine. His favourite type of shooting is walked up with his old over-and-under 12-bore, but you will often see him slaying some clays at his local club.

Matt Clark (pictured above)

About Shooting Gazette

Shooting Gazette is the world’s leading monthly driven game shooting magazine. It was first launched in 1989 and since that time has become entrenched in UK shooting circles as well as being a popular read all around the world, from South Africa and Scandinavia to New Zealand and the USA.

The main focus of the magazine is driven pheasant, partridge and grouse shooting but there is also the strongest gundog section in the market and great coverage of the growing sport of deer stalking, pigeon shooting, wildfowling and gamekeepering. The magazine looks at the sport from all angles, starting with the very practical and moving through all the gears to the comical and even the philosophical.

With a talented team of writers and experts on the books it’s an entertaining and informative read with its finger firmly on the pulse of the shooting world.

Martin Puddifer