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men shooting pigeons

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speed of birds in flight

Judging speed of birds

It’s only when you drive down a country road and you have a pigeon fly parallel with your moving vehicle that you come to appreciate its true cruising speed — and it’s not, as published, 35mph. When last I glanced at my speedometer in this situation, it read 48mph and…

Should I use a sound moderator on my airgun?

Q: I’m planning to buy an air rifle to keep down the rabbits in our pony paddocks. I notice that a lot of airgun shooters fit their rifles with sound moderators — surely there isn’t much need to reduce the volume of an air gun’s muzzle report? Is a sound…

Perazzi High Tech S

Should I start to close an eye when shooting?

Q: As an older Gun I sometimes struggle with my eyesight. I shoot off my right shoulder but my left eye is strong and my right eye is getting weaker. I have always shot with both eyes open but I am wondering whether I should start to close one eye…

fox predation control

Why predation control needs an integrated plan

Let’s start by noting the words ‘predation control’, rather than predator. In managing game and wildlife, how many predators you kill is of no great relevance; rather it is the predation that you prevent that matters. As a consequence, shooting odd random predators is of no great moment. What is…

clayshooting with a 20-bore

Where should I keep my gun cabinet keys safely?

I have recently acquired my shotgun certificate and become the owner of a Silver Pigeon shotgun. I have set up a gun cabinet in my home according to the law but I was wondering about gun cabinet keys. Where should I keep the main set and the spare set? What…

side by side shotgun

Can I find a steel-proofed English spec side-by-side?

Q: Much has been said about the steel shot debate and it looks inevitable that many old, and often hand-made, guns will be scrapped or become obsolete ornaments. While there are a huge number of steel-proofed over-and-unders, does anyone make a steel-proofed side-by-side to an English specification for less than,…

female Guns

15 reasons to date a female Gun

Female Guns are confident. They are used to handling live weapons, they are self-assured and unafraid to ask for what they want. A female Gun appreciates important and interesting conversation about cartridges, the difference between brands and loads and pellet size. She will even join in with and appreciate your…

Guns and dogs off shooting

13 New Year resolutions for shooters

Encourage more people to eat game. This is one of the most important ways we can support our sport and ensure its future. Cook game whenever you can and encourage people to try it when they’re shopping in supermarkets – after all, Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose and Sainsburys all stock game…

shotgun choke options

Choke options for shotguns – just what are they?

The issue of shotgun chokes and which combinations are winners raises its head regularly in the shooting world. For some, it is a subject worthy of hours of deliberation and debate. For others, it is far less concerning. As a youth I recall a farmer who had a Mossberg pump-action…

missing shots

How to think positively on a shoot day

We’ve all been there. We were shooting perfectly well and then, on one drive, we inexplicably have the equivalent of a batting collapse. Just as perfectly competent batsmen seem incapable of performing even the most basic functions under increasing pressure and are sent back to the pavilion, so we cannot…

timing a shot

Am I rushing my second shot?

Q: I have started to struggle with hitting two birds on the trot with a slight gap between them. I often kill the first bird and miss the second, is there anything I can do that will help? A: You are clearly doing something right as you say you are…

forward allowance

Why do you miss when shooting?

You will probably have heard it at some point on a clay ground from the back of the cage: “You’re behind it, mate.” While it is meant well, there is little more irritating than this kind of unsolicited comment. Another supposedly self-evident truth that is trotted out repeatedly on a…

driven shooting

How to address pheasants at different heights

Q: Can you give me any tips about how to avoid addressing straight driven pheasants too early? Whenever 
I saw a bird flying towards my peg last season, I mounted too early, took forever to get beyond the bird and then missed behind. A: The timing of shooting driven pheasants…

Can I load ammunition for a friend?

Q:  I enjoy loading my own ammunition for my .223 and .243 rifles. I have been asked to do some reloading for a friend. Is this legal and would I need to inform my firearms enquiry officer (FEO)? The law on reloading A: There is nothing in law that says…

spaniel asleep

19 ways for shooters to keep occupied during Lockdown II

As current Government COVID rules stand, you won’t be able to go out driven gameshooting in England until 3 December 2020. In addition target shooting ranges and clay grounds are also closed until then. However BASC advice states that: “Rough shooting, wildfowling and deer management may continue during the lockdown…

gun mount

How to move on from clay pigeon shooting to gameshooting

So you’re considering taking a step from clays to game? For many, the world of gameshooting is an interesting, if rather daunting and intimidating place. You may be comfortable on the clay ground, but how do you take the next move, to bridge the gap between shooting an inanimate object…

protesters on a shoot day

What do when faced with protestors on a shoot

What are the practical measures you can take to maintain safety and de-escalate a situation if you are unlucky enough to be confronted by protesters on a shoot day? Confrontation and intimidation Remember that extremists amongst animal rights groups frequently work to the same agenda – that of confrontation and…