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If you’re a more seasoned shooter you might have questions about your shooting technique and how to improve it. Or queries about the legalities of gun cabinets and shotgun licences.

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Christmas gifts for shooters

Christmas gifts for shooters 2021

We’ve put together a long list of Christmas gifts for shooters that you can buy online which can be delivered directly to the recipient, should you so wish. Scroll down and you’ll find gifts for men, women, children and pets. We’re adding to the list all the time as we…

shooting in autumn

Why a backup gun is a good idea

Those of us who shoot game can all relate to the excitement and anticipation of an approaching day in the field. You prepare everything the night before; your tweeds are looking sharp, you have enough cartridges to see you through the next three seasons and you have a gift for…

Cyber Monday deals 2021 for fieldsports fans

How can you benefit from the Cyber Monday deals that will be around this year? Are they really bargains? How does Cyber Monday work? Where will you find the best savings? Scroll down and see the deals we have already found from Sealskinz gloves to waterproof trousers. It’s also a…

shooting sticks

The best shooting sticks: a selection for the field

Why we need shooting sticks It’s all too easy to miss a fox or a deer, especially when adrenaline kicks in and you don’t have a solid rest. I know I’ve missed shots in the past when I’ve tried to shoot off a fence post or tree branch and, though…

stalker with deer

Toxic ammunition: the truth about lead

The move to phase out lead ammunition is one of the most divisive and inflammatory issues in modern fieldsports. Yet, despite the wealth of coverage and the emotion the topic of toxic ammunition evokes in many quarters, the open-minded hunter looking for sufficient information to form their own opinion can…

pheasant roadkill

Roadkill – this is why you should NEVER eat it

So you’re driving along and there’s a freshly dead muntjac or pheasant by the roadside. Should you take the roadkill home for dinner? I recently received this query from a reader and had no hesitation in giving my answer. Q: People often ask me if I will prepare birds and…

freezing game

Tips for freezing game

Now that the season has started you’ll hopefully be bringing plenty of game home. Of course you won’t be able to eat it all at once, so the best solution is to freeze it. But how can you keep it tasting good and in the best condition? There are a…

Wildfowling tips

Tips for wildfowling

Wildfowling is a wonderful sport, but not always the most productive in terms of action or shooting opportunities compared with other fieldsports. Making the most of the chances presented is key to success, turning a trip from a birdwatching outing into a hunter-gathering expedition. Here are a few tips for…

missing shots

Is it legal to borrow or lend a gun?

Key advice on borrowing and lending guns At the start of the shooting season you may be shooting with friends who have recently ventured into fieldsports and don’t yet own a shotgun. So what’s the law if you are going shooting with a friend on a formal shoot and the…


Rat poison resistance – what can you do on your shoot?

I have suspected it for a while, but confirmation popped into the inbox the other day. Four rat-tail tips that I had sent to the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) for genetic screening came back positive for second-generation anticoagulant resistance. Rat poison resistance From here on in, the two…

shooting in pregnancy

How to avoid getting a bruised face when shooting

Q: I really hope you can help me. I am tired of getting a bruised cheek from a shotgun. I am a regular clayshooter but find it very uncomfortable to shoot any more than 50 clay targets due to a very sore face. I have tried lots of different cartridge…

Rifle fit check

Does your rifle fit you? Here’s how to find out.

I remember having to wrestle with my first. 22 rimfire, a BSA Martini action 12/15, out rabbiting. It was accurate but it weighed a ton, was far too long and the stock was short with a low comb. In those days we made do, but today attitudes have changed and…

pigeon shooting guns

Explaining shotgun bore

Despite modern techniques, the archaic system for setting bore sizes is still in evidence today. Lewis Potter traces the evolution of shotgun measurement

crow shooting

Shooting crows – what works and what doesn’t

There are many different opinions about what will and won’t work when it comes to shooting crows. Over the years, I have taken a lot of these with a pinch of salt and gone out of my way to test different theories to see if some popular beliefs bear scrutiny.…

explaining shotgun bore sizes

What’s the right shotgun bore for you?

What should you do if you want to buy a shotgun which will be used mainly for vermin control (pigeons, crows, magpies and rats), together with rough shooting and the occasional crack at clays. A reader asked me a question  about choosing shotgun bore a while back, recalling that a…