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If you’re a more seasoned shooter you might have questions about your shooting technique and how to improve it. Or queries about the legalities of gun cabinets and shotgun licences.

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Can you legally destroy a shotgun?

Sometimes we have a gun that isn’t worth anything, doesn’t work and really doesn’t deserve any space in your gun cabinet. It may be one you inherited or one that you’ve had for many years that has outgrown its use. So what should you do? Is it against the law…

Shooting in cover crops

How can you pick the right cover crop for your shoot?

What are cover crops? By definition, a game cover is any crop grown with the intention of feeding and/or holding gamebirds in the shooting season. It was at a very young age that I began to appreciate the benefits that a good game cover crops can bring to a shoot.…

Alcohol, guns and the law

We’re asked whether we abuse alcohol when we apply for a shotgun certificate or firearms licence. I was reading this and I started thinking about drinking and guns. All responsible shooters should protect the reputation of their sport and think carefully about the mix of alcohol, guns and the law.…

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Here’s why you should consider planting perennial cover crops

The cost of planting and managing game and cover crops is ever increasing and we, along with many others, are slowly expanding the acreage we plant with permanent and semi-permanent crops. The advantages of perennial cover crops Not only do perennial cover crops reduce costs after the initial year of…


What’s the accuracy of lead-free bullets?

Lead-free ammunition is definitely making its presence felt and I am increasingly hearing from readers who have concerns about lead-free bullets and accuracy. Here’s an example of just one such question. Lead-free bullets and accuracy Q: Will my .243 Win rifle shoot lead-free bullets accurately if lead is banned? A:…

camping with shotguns

Can I go camping with my shotgun?

Camping with shotguns – legal or illegal? Q: I’m planning on going camping with some friends when the weather gets warmer and we’re going to pitch our tents on some farmland where we have a roughshooting permission. The farmer is happy for us to camp there and carry out some…

shooting in pregnancy

Can you go clayshooting during pregnancy?

The Clay Pigeon Shooting Association says that we can go back onto the clay grounds from 29th March 2021. We can’t wait to get back out in the fresh air again. But what if you’re expecting a baby? Can you go clayshooting during pregnancy? Is it safe? Could the noise…

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Trigger freeze – or the ‘flinch effect’. Here’s how to cure it

Trigger freeze – also known as ‘flinching’ is becoming increasingly seen among shooters. For some Guns it only happens rarely, for others it increases over time. It can even cause some Guns to give up shooting altogether. What is trigger freeze or flinching? Flinching is the inability to pull the…

speed of birds in flight

Judging speed of birds

It’s only when you drive down a country road and you have a pigeon fly parallel with your moving vehicle that you come to appreciate its true cruising speed — and it’s not, as published, 35mph. When last I glanced at my speedometer in this situation, it read 48mph and…

Should I use a sound moderator on my airgun?

Q: I’m planning to buy an air rifle to keep down the rabbits in our pony paddocks. I notice that a lot of airgun shooters fit their rifles with sound moderators — surely there isn’t much need to reduce the volume of an air gun’s muzzle report? Is a sound…

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Should I start to close an eye when shooting?

Q: As an older Gun I sometimes struggle with my eyesight. I shoot off my right shoulder but my left eye is strong and my right eye is getting weaker. I have always shot with both eyes open but I am wondering whether I should start to close one eye…

fox predation control

Why predation control needs an integrated plan

Let’s start by noting the words ‘predation control’, rather than predator. In managing game and wildlife, how many predators you kill is of no great relevance; rather it is the predation that you prevent that matters. As a consequence, shooting odd random predators is of no great moment. What is…

clayshooting with a 20-bore

Where should I keep my gun cabinet keys safely?

I have recently acquired my shotgun certificate and become the owner of a Silver Pigeon shotgun. I have set up a gun cabinet in my home according to the law but I was wondering about gun cabinet keys. Where should I keep the main set and the spare set? What…

side by side shotgun

Can I find a steel-proofed English spec side-by-side?

Q: Much has been said about the steel shot debate and it looks inevitable that many old, and often hand-made, guns will be scrapped or become obsolete ornaments. While there are a huge number of steel-proofed over-and-unders, does anyone make a steel-proofed side-by-side to an English specification for less than,…