So far there have been no accidents, but I am becoming increasingly concerned. What is your advice?

Graham Downing
Excessive alcohol consumption and firearms of any sort simply do not mix.

The ideal situation is to leave any drinking until guns have been put away for the day.

However, many shoots offer a glass of sloe gin or some other alcoholic refreshment between drives in the morning and perhaps a glass of wine at lunchtime.

If this takes place, it is up to everyone concerned to see that it does not get out of hand.

The shoot captain is responsible for the safe management of the day, and it is up to him to ensure that the judgement of those present is not impaired.

If you have a concern about any individual member of the shoot, then it is to the shoot captain that this should be addressed.

If you are not satisfied with the action taken, it may be best that you do not return to that shoot, and that you inform the British Association of Shooting and Conservation or the Countryside Alliance of your reason for not doing so.