GEORGE WALLACE says: Deer, being made of meat, are instinctively afraid of many things; lions, bears, eagles, hunters and any scents associated with them.

Coffee may be a scent associated with humans but most humans are not hunters and there is therefore no reason why deer should be afraid of the smell.

They soon get to recognise individual humans both by sight and scent and they are surprisingly perceptive.

This was brought home to me very clearly only last year. I was feeding the park deer with carrots and a bit of a rain squall came up so I reached into the car for my hat.

This Tilley hat is my invariable stalking headgear and the instant I clapped it on my head, every deer legged it.

I also had a flask of tea, which I always carry when stalking or when sitting in a high seat and a cup was steaming on the car bonnet, but that didn’t bother them even though I am probably their only contact with Earl Grey!

The hat, clearly, was another matter and told them I was in hunting mode.