A: I grew up with crossbred terriers that worked as rough-shooting companions.

They went ferreting, ratting and flushed game from sugarbeet for my father’s gun. Wounded and dead game was retrieved by them to hand, not always alive, but still fit for eating.

My father subsequently spent hours trying to train purebred Fox terriers to do the same job but without any real success and eventually found that a working-bred labrador was definitely the best option for his shooting needs.

There are numerous dog trainers in your area and I’m sure if you contact the Kennel Club they will point you in the right direction, but I do not know of any gundog trainer who would even try to train your Irish terrier for gundog work.

The Irish terrier is good-tempered with humans, however the breed standard does state “he is a little too ready to resent interference on the part of other dogs”.

Not a good characteristic to have for harmony in the shooting field or, indeed, in the presence of other dogs in a training class or professional trainer’s kennel.