Gun dogs
PETER BLATCH says: There are several different types of dog whistles available and the one I favour for labradors is the 2-11, 1/2.

I have never used silent whistles on labs because the other type tends to work best. That said, silent whistles for some reason seem to be favoured more by people training a spaniel.

Regardless of breed I stick to the same whistle because I can hear its tone perfectly and get the commands exactly right every time ? the most important ones being a long blast to stop the dog and several sharp pips to come in or, in the case of a spaniel, two quick pips to turn it. The good old 2-11, 1/2 allows me to do this consistently so there is no confusion in the dog’s mind when he hears the whistle go.

The main disadvantage with a silent whistle is it’s made of metal, which makes it heavy to hold between the teeth and very uncomfortable in cold weather.

The ready availability of the 2-11, 1/2 is another point in its favour, because if you lose one it can then be quickly replaced, and cheaply.

By all means give a silent whistle a trial, but in my experience when working labradors at a distance the sound of the 2-11, 1/2 carries far greater distances than the silent type.

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