She excelled on the shoot and I bred from her, keeping a puppy but, of course, I could not register it with the Kennel Club or compete with it. Has that policy now changed, and can dogs without papers have their puppies kennel club registered?

Paul Rawlings
A scheme which could enhance genetic diversity was announced by the Kennel Club as a pilot in 2011.

It allows pure-bred unregistered dogs to be registered on the Breed Register on a case-by-case basis.

This will enhance genetic diversity by widening gene pools and allowing new bloodlines to be introduced within breeds.

Under the new scheme, every successful application will be admitted to the register with three asterisks next to its name.

Asterisks will then be applied for three further generations, in order to identify the fact that there is unknown or unregistered ancestry behind the dog.

Applications will need to be accompanied by a letter of explanation detailing how the applicant acquired the dog, and will only be considered on the provisos that the breed of the dog is verified by two Championship-level judges, it is DNA-profiled and it has the relevant health tests for the breed.

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