The verdict was the barrels are pitted, worn, and out of proof, although the rest of the gun is in good condition and the stock is particularly nice. Can I get the barrels restored?

Shooting technical advice
There are two ways forward, and the first is to have the gun sleeved. This involves cutting off the old tubes just ahead of the chambers, boring out the chambers, and sleeving in new tubes in just the same way as modern monobloc barrels are constructed.

Although this is a very practical way of going about the job, there is an alternative. In recent years Nigel Teague, of choke fame, has developed a means of boring right through the old barrel set and inserting steel liners which reach all the way from breech to muzzle.

Nigel advertises this process as being particularly suitable for guns with chopper-lump or Damascus barrels.

You can contact Nigel at Teague Precision Chokes Ltd, Larkspur Cottage Old Court, Tortworth, Wotton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire, GL12 8HF (Tel: 01454 260226).

Alternatively, go to the website www.

Note that, whichever way forward you choose, the gun will have to be submitted for re-proof.