DAVID FROST says: It can be tedious. First, you need to look at the DTI website to see if you need a licence to export your shotgun or import a new one.

Then you need to talk to your local police about what you plan to do as it is quite likely you will need to be able to demonstrate you have their authority to buy a gun overseas and they’ll want to know you are disposing of your current one.

Finally you will need to tell the airline, at the time of booking, that you are carrying a firearm.

That’s just the UK end.

Have a look at the US embassy website where it tells you 60 days notice is needed for the importation of a firearm to the USA. Firearms law differs from state to state in the USA and you will need to ascertain from the police there just what the procedure is for a foreigner to sell a gun he has imported and to buy and export a shot gun.

It can be done but don’t expect it to be easy.

The current exchange rate makes buying in the USA attractive but the reverse applies if you are selling. I suspect you’d do better financially to sell the under-lever here and buy a new gun in the USA, perhaps through a dealer who does this sort of thing regularly.

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