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Can I use a moderator for wild boar shooting in Europe?

I always use a moderator when stalking, and re-zeroing is a nuisance. Is it necessary, and is a .308 suitable for boar?

Graham Downing
Sound moderators are prohibited across much of Europe, and you will have no option but to remove the moderator before you travel, preferably fitting a threaded ring to the muzzle of your barrel to protect the threads from abrasion.

You will have to re-zero, as the point of impact without your moderator will be different.

Try to do so before you leave so that you do not have to attempt to re-zero on site, maybe with insufficient ammunition and in unfamiliar surroundings.

You can, if necessary, fire a test round when you arrive to check that all is well before you start to hunt.

Your .308 will be perfectly adequate for wild boar when used with a bullet of around 150-gr, though you will probably find some of the locals will be using larger calibres or medium-calibre Magnum rifles.

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