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Can Muntjac cast and grow antlers anytime?

GEORGE WALLACE says: Yes. And No. Muntjac fawns may be born in any month of the year.

The doe will usually be mated again within 48 hours – usually much more quickly – and the gestation period is 210 days (7 months). A buck fawn may begin to grow his pedicles and then his first set of antlers at any time of year and may therefore be shedding velvet at any time.

However, he will cast his antlers in the following May or June with all the older bucks and at that first casting he may be anything from about a year to over two years of age.

After that, he will follow the regular routine of casting in early summer and cleaning velvet from the new antlers in August/September. Muntjac bucks are fertile and able to mate successfully whether they have antlers or not.

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