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Can you explain the Hip X-ray scheme for gundogs?

Neil McIntosh
That depends on just how simple you are but I am guessing since you can write and email that you are not too daft.

The joint Kennel Club/British Veterinary Association Hip Dysplasia Scheme is pretty straightforward really. Dogs must be over one year old and micro-chipped.

Your vet will take a standard hip Xray, with the dog lying on its back, its hind legs extended, femurs parallel, knees turned in and hocks out.

The Xray, which must be marked with the date, chip and KC registration number and be of an acceptable standard, is sent to the BVA panel who ‘score’ each hip.

The best result is 0 and the worst 53. Thus perfect hips would be scored 0-0 and the worst 53-53.

A breed mean score (BMS) is calculated for each breed and veterinary advice is only to breed from dogs with significantly better scores than the BMS.

The BMS for Labrador Retrievers and English Springer Spaniels is currently the same at 14.

Owners are given an original HD Scheme certificate, which is green.

Good results do not guarantee the progeny but greatly reduces the risk.

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Can you explain the Hip X-ray scheme for gundogs?