Apparently Hampshire police said the man was arrested on suspicion of committing offences under the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

Can you confirm if rooks are legally protected on the Isle of Wight under the act?

David Frost
You ask an interesting question! Like most birds the rook is a protected species under the Wildlife and Countryside Act but it is one of several species regarded as pests and which may be shot under general licence.

No offence is committed if you shoot a rook in accordance with the terms of the general licence.

Furthermore you can make your own rook pie, or give the birds to a friend. If an offence has been committed it will have been the sale of a dead wild rook.

Of the species normally shot under general licence only the woodpigeon may be sold dead.

In addition you may shoot geese, Gadwall, Goldeneye and Moorhen in season but you cannot sell them dead either.

A further anomaly is the Snipe, which may be shot in August, but cannot be sold dead until September.