Mike George
I often check my own thoughts on a subject against some of the more reliable shooting websites, and I found an American site, thanks to Google, with what looked like some promising information on Rangoon oil.

I was therefore surprised to find myself reading something with a familiar ring to it.

Yes – they’d cribbed off Sporting Gun a reply on Rangoon oil I’d given to a reader five years ago!

Here’s an updated resume: Rangoon oil is not so much a cleaning or lubricating agent as a rust-preventer.

As far as I know it was developed by the British Army, and was certainly in use by troops 150 years ago.

It is a tenacious oil with a very slow evaporation rate, and its original purpose was to keep arms free of rust in hot, steamy jungle conditions.

A combination of dampness, heat, and a little honest sweat, is an ideal recipe for rapidly corroding unprotected steel.

At one time it had gone almost completely out of use, but I note that it is available again.

If your local gun shop doesn’t stock it, it can be ordered from several online sources, including www.guncleaning.co.uk