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Can you tell me about my Belleri Antonio shotgun?

It is a non-ejector and has the name Belleri Antonio on one barrel, and underneath it says ?Ponte Zanano V.T.? and ?Brescia?.

The words ?Acier Böhler Blitz? are inscribed, and it has two stars on the top barrel and three on the bottom one. It also has chrome barrels and the serial number is 7872.

Bill Harriman
There are four gunmakers by the name of Belleri in the small town of Ponte Zanano in the gunmaking district of Val Trompia, near Brescia in Italy.

They seem to be jobbing gunmakers who produce inexpensive guns for others while occasionally selling them on their own account.

The phrase ?Acier Böhler Blitz? refers to steel made by the Austrian steel-making company Böhler, while the stars relate to the amount of choke.

One star equates to full choke, while four or five stars signify open boring, such as cylinder.

Nominally your gun would be half and three-quarter choke. However, the actual degree of choke can only be determined by the use of a micrometer and patterning the gun.

Italian guns are marked with a date code among the proof marks on the barrel.

This takes the form of Roman numerals, e.g. XIX, or a pair of letters, e.g. AC.