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Stock too short?

Q: Is my stock too short? I am 6ft 4in and have a standard-length stock.

A: This can depend on a number of factors; how you stand, how long your neck and arms are, and so on. With your gun mounted in your normal shooting stance, we would be looking in two areas to check the length of pull measurement; the distance between your nose and the base of your rear hand, which should be about 1.5 in to 2in ; and the rear arm angle, which should  be at about 90 degrees.

If you find your rear hand close to your nose and your bicep touching your forearm then it could be too short. Try a butt-pad extension to lengthen fit but be careful, the farther back your head sits on the stock the lower it will sit on the comb, which will lower your eye in relation to the rib. If you have any doubts, a trip to your local shooting school for a gun fit is advised.

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