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Can I get a custom made stock for my Browning?

Q: I have a new Browning Citori shotgun but the stock is too short for me. I am 6ft 6in tall. One local dealer wants to lengthen the stock by about two inches using plastic but I am not keen on the idea. What do you think?

A: Like you, I don’t like the idea of a stock being lengthened to the degree you mention with a lump of plastic. However, I am afraid that a custom stock price seems to be a minimum of £500, plus the cost of the wood, so I suggest this is an impractical way forward.

You could finish up with a stock that is worth more than your gun. One way would be to get the stock lengthened with wood. A good stocker should be able to do this, and match the grain and colour reasonably well.

I’m not suggesting you wouldn’t be able to see the join, but it would look a whole lot better than a couple of inches of plastic. (Mike George)

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