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Danger of dogs raiding bins

I thought I should share with you the x-ray taken of my Springer pup, Daisy showing her ‘spare rib’ so that you might alert others to the dangers of carry out meal leftovers being left lying around! A Chinese takeaway on a Friday night ended up with very expensive surgery! Happily she is fine!

A: That’s quite an x-ray. I am glad it is a foreign body and not an anatomical abnormality! Daisy did pretty well to swallow that spare rib without damaging her oesophagus!

Indeed you are correct. Month after month dogs raid bins, steal from carry out dishes and plunder barbeques and many end up on an operating table. Foreign bodies, especially peach stones, corn on the cobs, cooked bone and elastic can cause serious intestinal damage. Intestinal perforation can and does result in death on occasion.