JEREMY HUNT SAYS: With all due respect to devotees of chocolate Labradors, for the most part this colour is in its infancy when it comes to working ability.

The chocolate Labrador colour traces it origins to show-breeding.

While some show kennels have established long-lines of this colour that now win top awards in the ring, the chocolate Labradors have been at the mercy of the lucrative pet-market.

Many pet-bred chocolate Labradors have pedigrees with generations of meaningless names like Chocolate Sauce, Chocolate Pudding, Miss Flake and Toblerone Ted.

This suggests they are the results of generations of pet-breeding.

Just a few experienced working kennels are now embarking upon the long job of creating strains of chocolates with proven ability based on known bloodlines.

We have just had a black-to-black mating that produced three chocolate pups.

There is one line of dual-purpose chocolates in this pedigree that is based on sensible, workmanlike Labradors, so these chocolate pups will be the type on which we hope to establish a genuine strain with real working ability.

I advise you to contact some well-known breeders of working Labradors to see if they are developing chocolate strains.

Brocklebank Labradors  is one such breeder you could try.

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