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Do deer scent ‘attractants’ work in the UK?

One thing I have been reading about are the many deer ‘attractants’ in the form of scents which appear to be popular there.

They are not expensive and I wondered if they might work in the UK. Do you have any experience of them?

George Wallace
In a word, no. However, since you are going to America and the stuff is cheap enough it may be worth grabbing a bottle or two because with anything in nature, you just don’t know until you try, even if they are designed for American Whitetail Deer.

But what kind of scent might attract a deer in the UK?

A buck or stag covered in wet mud in which he has urinated and wallowed, attracts females during the rut, so you could try that.

Then they like to eat rose bushes, so maybe the scent of roses would work – and give less offence on your return home?

You may guess that I am a tad sceptical about this kind of thing.

However, that’s just me and if you fancy creeping around the woods smelling like a rampant buck, a sex-mad doe, or something from the garden centre or the vegetable counter at a supermarket, then please be my guest.

As long as you don’t bend over in front of a stag with a red mist over his eyes, you won’t come to any harm!

And you just might get lucky.