The Hungarian vizsla is one of the hunt, point and retrieve (HPR) breeds and makes an excellent roughshooting and family companion when properly reared and trained.

The internet is an invaluable source of information on all breeds and I suggest you visit www.thekennelclub.org.uk and through the puppy sales register section you will be able to locate local breeders who have current litters available in your area.

Sections of this site will also link you to the breed club and I would further suggest you contact the Kennel Club field trial department through the same website, as they will be pleased to put you in touch with an expert in your area in the working of these dogs.

The basic obedience training for any young gundog, that is also to be a family companion, is very similar if harmony in the household is to be maintained and I suggest a copy of my book, Gundog Training for Home and Field, published by Crowood Press, would be an excellent choice for your future training guidance.