Gun dogs
PETER BLATCH says: The idea of having two whistles, one for the Labrador and one for the Springer, could get a bit confusing – especially in the heat of the moment when you might easily end up with the wrong whistle between your teeth.

As you probably know already, whistles are available in different pitches ranging from 210 to 211 1/2 right down to ‘silent’. It’s okay to train each dog to a different whistle if you are going to work them separately but most people I shoot with like to work the spaniel in front while their labrador remains at heel.

Because of this I would recommend training both on a 211 1/2 training each dog separately until both of them become fully experienced. When this stage in their training is reached each will understand its role; from now on the sound of the whistle and the way you blow it will be recognised by both dogs as a command that’s relevant to one or other of them.

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