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Do white patches on a black Lab mean it’s rubbish?

Both dam and sire are KC registered, totally black, so what has gone wrong? Should I go ahead and still get one, or should I steer well clear?

Peter Blatch
I am not sure that anything has gone wrong here because a bit of white often shows up in some of the best bred puppies ? usually a dash on the front of the chest which dims from sight as the dog gets older.

I once had a very well bred pup in for training with just such a mark and its owner was most concerned about it but I told him ?a good dog has not got a bad colour.?

It?s a saying I have used for years and it has never once proved me wrong.

You might not get the use that you would have expected if you plan to breed from this dog in future but so what ? the best yardstick to a dog?s worth and value is how it performs in the field, not what colour it is.