GEORGE WALLACE says: No, the dealer’s demand is neither reasonable nor ethical.

It will only encourage stalkers to take dodgy shots and anyone who has been shooting deer for very long will know, from bitter experience, exactly what problems can arise.

Head shots – or even neck shots from the side – are very risky, being likely to cause injury rather than kill cleanly, and should rarely or never be taken in the wild.

In an enclosed park, where deer can be followed up quickly if a shot is less than perfect, it can be acceptable for a good and careful shot. I have come across this nonsense many times and the best answer is to change your dealer.

Or threaten to!

A shot through the heart/lung area is quick, certain and humane and even if a shoulder is hit there is virtually no damage to meat.

My arrangement with my own dealer is if a shot has caused some damage, he will cut it out and pay me for the rest.

Simple and sensible.

Having said that, if your bullet damages the best quality cuts of meat on saddle or haunch, you must expect the carcass value to be considerably reduced.