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How can I entice deer on to my land for stalking?

George Wallace
Most landowners spend a deal of time and money trying to keep deer off their land, so your idea may not strike a responsive chord!

However, since deer need shelter, food and water and freedom from disturbance, if there are deer in the area and you provide those essentials, they will soon find you.

Putting out salt licks and stuff can only work if deer are already using the area ? because otherwise they won?t find it.

They do love roses and many other garden plants; the more expensive the better!

Creating suitable cover for deer is fairly long term and needs protection after planting to stop your hoped-for guests eating it before it gets to a useful height.

You can still, I believe, get a grant for planting trees but if deer then destroy the saplings, you?ll have to give the money back.

I?m afraid there isn?t an easy answer to your question.