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Are you saying you have only just started training to the lead? The problem of lagging behind on the lead is usually associated with a young pup being introduced for the first time to the lead, not a 10 month old like yours.

Working on the premise that it’s never too late to learn you should persevere by gently pulling on the lead at the same time giving lots of praise and encouragement to come to heel.

Do not hurt or frighten the puppy in any way otherwise you will end up with a real problem on your hands.

One ploy that often works is to walk the puppy with an older dog that stays to heel – in other words the pupil will learn by example as long as you give it the proper commands and corrections if needs be.

Lead work should start at an earlier age to this but you need to ensure the pup isn’t walked too far at any one time: remember that his bones are soft and he’s still growing.

Puppies also tire quickly and will then lag behind in similar fashion to yours.