Shooting it alone has the advantage of not having other people firing at mile-high woodies, but being so large, birds often pitch in elsewhere, and stay put.

Is there any way I can keep them on the move? Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Peter Theobald
You could try placing rope bangers on the upwind side of the wood, but while they would certainly prevent pigeons settling there, there is no guarantee the noise would push them back to you.

More likely, they would clear off completely, and if you did it on a regular basis, the birds might even forsake the wood entirely.

Personally, I would only shoot the wood sparingly, picking afternoons when the wind was blowing at least Force 6, and share the experience with a trusted friend.

That way, the pigeons will continue to use the wood as a roost, and you should, with decent reconnaissance get a few exceptional flights.