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How do I go about shooting pigeon on acorns?

Pigeon shooting
If the wood is drawing birds in decent numbers then it’s certainly worth getting out there and having a go.

Get it right and you could end up with a useful bag… as well as some superlative shooting.

First thing to remember is that a pigeon doesn’t need to eat many acorns to get its fill so you need to be out and in place by first light, ready for the first visitors.

As ever it helps to have a good wind blowing on the day and if that’s the case birds will then approach the wood from its downwind side.

Set up a hide on the edge of the wood and channel the pigeons to you by putting out a decoy pattern in the usual way.

If it’s a really big wood you will need to stop birds settling elsewhere and you can do this by taking the trouble of hanging a line or two of crow bangers in strategic places to keep pigeons on the move.

If you can’t be bothered using decoys and the wind is blowing nicely then it will be worth checking the flightlines into the wood and positioning yourself under one, if possible.

You might not shoot as many but those you do drop will be belters.